Joshua Crader
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Loveing joshua  / Dottie&wayne Gebo (Grandparents)  Read >>
Loveing joshua  / Dottie&wayne Gebo (Grandparents)
Jest found out about you joshua wish we coled of knowing you mouer then we did Close
i have been looking for you  / Kim Barker (dimmick) (friend)  Read >>
i have been looking for you  / Kim Barker (dimmick) (friend)

i am sooo sorry i have been looking for you all for years!! i am hoping you all remember (from mtn home)

he was a great kid and he was truly loved and will be missed dearly

love to all

kim barker ( dimmick)


love ya kid  / Zig Tognietti (friend)  Read >>
love ya kid  / Zig Tognietti (friend)
I had been trying to find joush for the last couple years   I finaly found him.............I loved that kid.. He always made me smile... I miss you kid :( Close
xoxo / Anna Kendrick (Sister)  Read >>
xoxo / Anna Kendrick (Sister)

Still cannot believe you're not here.....

Love you!

a true friend  / Nate Dockweiler (Best friend since kids )  Read >>
a true friend  / Nate Dockweiler (Best friend since kids )
     I know I'm writing this a little late but it was hard for me to realize I wasn't going to be able to talk to you again....I really miss you man and I wish I could tell you how much you mean to me as a friend one last time. We had some good times and went through some bad together and we always had each others back from miles away!! When we were 17 and I came home from the Marine basic you looked at me and called me a hero it meant the word to me to have my best friend someone who knew all my flaws look at me like that!! I never got a chance to tell you that you are a hero to me!! You always stood up for what you believed in and who you were without any waver!! You truly are a hero to everyone!! You will always be my friend and I will forever hold your memory in my heart!! I love you Josh!! I'll see you soon!- Nate Close
Thank you for all you have done!  / Katie Whipple (Co-Worker)  Read >>
Thank you for all you have done!  / Katie Whipple (Co-Worker)

Josh thank you for all you've done! Thank you for serving our country. Thank you for the serving the children we worked with together. Thank you for always wearing a smile! Thank you for your positive attitude. Thank you giving all you had. Thank you for your kindness. You will be missed!

Thank you, Josh, for all your hard work!  / Rebekah Kaufman (co-worker)  Read >>
Thank you, Josh, for all your hard work!  / Rebekah Kaufman (co-worker)
Just wanted Josh's family to know that you and Josh are in my prayers.  I had the pleasure of working with Josh as his supervisor at ChristieCare and was always impressed with his enthusiasm and dedication when working with tough kids.  I'll remember Josh as the guy I could count on to maintain a positive attitude in the face of a challenge; anyone who worked with us knows how important this is, especially when you're working the awake-overnight shift!  Josh, I believe you're in Heaven and I'll ask you to look out for us whenever you can. Close
A person of passion  / Jeremy (Friend)  Read >>
A person of passion  / Jeremy (Friend)

I have been very close friends with Joshua for the last couple of years. I knew him to be a person that was sensitive, caring, gunuine, and having the utmost loyalty for the people he cared about.

I never have met anyone who had a greater zest for living life to the fullest. He was someone that lived every day to the fullest & wanted everyone close to him to share with him the intense highs that life had to offer.

Many of the pictures in the slideshow were taken by me & I can testify to the passion that he applied to everything he was doing at the time.

Josh, you gave all of us so much in you short life. Thank you for being such a great friend and I hope you know that you have made a profound influence on all of us that had the priveledge of knowing you.


"Our Friend"  / Steve (Friend)  Read >>
"Our Friend"  / Steve (Friend)

Josh you should know...

how much you meant to all your friends and how loved you were by all of them.

the wonderful memories and good times that were shared will live forever, never to be taken or tarnished by another.

you will continue to live in all the hearts you so deeply touched with your wonderful smiles, laughs, expressions and hugs.

you are one of a kind and your friends have been so blessed to have had you share your journey with them.

when all our journeys end we want you waiting with open arms to know we are with our back with our friend.

to rest easy and wait because all of us truly love you and had a tough time with you leaving us this past May 8th.  


I will miss you brother  / Joshua Bigelow (brother)  Read >>
I will miss you brother  / Joshua Bigelow (brother)

As I sit here thinking of the good times we shared as kids I'm over run with the what ifs. Like what if  I had made contact more often but by doing this it to my self it dose not change any thing. You are still gone from this world and will always live on in are hearts and memories.




                           lots of love


At a loss for words to express how I feel .....  / Carrie (Cousin)  Read >>
At a loss for words to express how I feel .....  / Carrie (Cousin)
I don't know how to express how I am feeling or how I wish I could comfort my family in a way that actually helped. While trying to struggle with my own heartache, I know it is nothing in comparison to what my Uncle Vern is going through. How I wish I could make it better! I love you Uncle! And, I miss you Josh! I wish so terribly to just have been able to get in touch with you these last few months. We played so much phone or message tag and that's how it ended. My heart breaks with regret that I could not help you when you needed it. I couldn't even drive through Oregon City today without seeing too many sites that reminded me of you and just breaking down in tears. There are so many thoughts I want to write here, but I just can't put them into any sense, so I will just say that I love you and miss you terribly. Close
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