Joshua Crader
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved son, brother, father, nephew, cousin, husband, friend and soldier, Joshua Crader who was born on May 08, 1984 and passed away on May 08, 2009 at the age of 25. We will remember him forever. Joshua is, and will be, sorely missed by so many of us. I created this page for us to be able to look at his photos and share our positive thoughts about Josh.
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Loveing joshua   / Dottie&wayne Gebo (Grandparents)
Jest found out about you joshua wish we coled of knowing you mouer then we did
i have been looking for you   / Kim Barker (dimmick) (friend)
i am sooo sorry i have been looking for you all for years!! i am hoping you all remember (from mtn home) he was a great kid and he was truly loved and will be missed dearly love to all kim barker ( dimmick) 40281285537
love ya kid   / Zig Tognietti (friend)
I had been trying to find joush for the last couple years   I finaly found him.............I loved that kid.. He always made me smile... I miss you kid :(
xoxo  / Anna Kendrick (Sister)
Still cannot believe you're not here..... Love you!
a true friend   / Nate Dockweiler (Best friend since kids )
     I know I'm writing this a little late but it was hard for me to realize I wasn't going to be able to talk to you again....I really miss you man and I wish I could tell you how much you mean to me as a friend one las...  Continue >>
Thank you for all you have done!  / Katie Whipple (Co-Worker)    Read >>
Thank you, Josh, for all your hard work!  / Rebekah Kaufman (co-worker)    Read >>
A person of passion  / Jeremy (Friend)    Read >>
"Our Friend"  / Steve (Friend)    Read >>
I will miss you brother  / Joshua Bigelow (brother)    Read >>
At a loss for words to express how I feel .....  / Carrie (Cousin)    Read >>
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